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EForce Security Electronics

The Rapidly growing Intrusion Alarm Market having become very competitive demands quality products, quality & timely delivery of Spares & Service. Most importantly Products, Spares & Services should be available at Affordable Pricing for the entire market.

With increased incidents of Theft & Robbery, be it by insiders, outsiders, petty thieves or professional criminals, it is no longer wise to consider them as casual. Any responsible establishment will have to put in place effective and emergent systems to deal with such cases of Burglary or Theft so that avoidable monetary loss and perhaps loss of life can be prevented.

E force Security Electronics

Is one of the first indigenous manufacturer of Wired Wireless and Hybrid Intrusion Alarm Systems in India. The products from E force are branded as E Guard. E Guard products are 100% designed and developed to suit Indian environment.

Being a 4 year old company, e force has acquired the state of the art technology products developed, manufactured by the erstwhile M/s Comfort Solutions Pvt Ltd since 2003 during the year 2010. The company has installed various types of innovative & regular products to a varied section of clients

E Guard being a proven, rugged and innovative product, the company wants to Make available the same to the retail market.

India being a large and growing market we are looking for professional channel partners across the country to meet our goal. By Channel Partners we mean Distributors, Dealers and System Integrators.


Why choose Us


1. E Guard is latest state of the art technology product.


2. Easy to maintain.


3. Easy to customise as per the site requirement. Mix & Match Wired & Wireless Devices.


4. LCD Display for easy programming


5. Soft touch keypad control.


6. E Guard range of products are simple to Install & Commission.


7. User friendly to the core.


8. Rugged and a very Stable Working product under all kinds of demanding conditions


9. Most importantly Products, Spares & Services are available at Affordable Pricing and on time.


10. High Class Product Made in India for the WORLD!!

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